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Definitive Collection of Cosmopacks Cosmetic Cream Jars

Cosmopacks offers durable, reliable, and customizable cosmetic cream jars for manufacturers. We’re offering a huge collection of Cosmetic Cream Jars to our clients, which can hold virtually any cosmetic material.

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Airless Bottle

Containing various contents and pumping out smoothly.

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Lotion Bottle

We provide efficient pumping and leakage prevention.

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Roll On Bottle

Safe and do not easily spill while made compact to be storable.

Air Tight

The cosmetic cream jars are manufactured to be air-tight to retain freshness, and control bacteria, and odor.

Air Tight
Crack Resistant

Cosmopacks aims to minimize material wastage by making the jars crackresistant and durable.

Crack Resistant
Compact Design

Cosmopacks ensures a compact design of its jars. Manufacturers can request products that can be used for all purposes, be it home, office or travel.

Compact Design

Cosmopacks uses completely recyclable material, meeting international ecofriendly product standards.

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Key features of Cosmetic Cream Jars

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Made using the latest technology

Cosmopacks are unique in their manufacturing technology, making products

that are puncture-proof, abrasion-proof, and topped with a seamless finish.

Rigorous Quality Control

These jars are made using universally acknowledged manufacturing

standards, where products are perfected through undergoing various


PP Material

Cosmopacks uses polypropylene (PP) in making its cosmetic cream jars, as it is believed to be the safest plastic. This gives manufacturers an edge for packaging without compromising health.

Why Choose Cosmopacks for your Cosmetic Cream Jars needs?

Cosmopacks’ Cosmetic Cream Jars use advanced manufacturing technology to fulfill the demands of businesses and consumers. The jars are developed to be highly durable and precisely designed.

Cosmopacks offers a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. The finished products undergo several quality control processes, such as durability, reliability, and hygiene tests before being dispatched.

Sustainability From Start To Finish

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