• gold airless pump jar
  • 30ml 50ml airless pump jar
  • airless pump jars
  • airless jar pump
  • airless pump cream jar
  • gold airless pump jar
  • 30ml 50ml airless pump jar
  • airless pump jars
  • airless jar pump
  • airless pump cream jar

50ml 30ml Airless Pump Jar for Moisturizer wholesale

Using cutting edge vacuum technology, our airless pump bottles efficiently shield your cosmetics from air exposure, extending the life of the product. The white double-layer inner wall of our vacuum containers effectively hides sunlight, so light-sensitive skin care products stay effective for longer. Our airless pump jars are lightweight and made of sturdy acrylic, silicone, and plastic materials. They make the ideal travel partner because they are spill- and leak-proof. Simple one-touch operation makes utilizing the product easy. Suitable for foundations, creams, essential oils, skin care products and moisturizers, simply fill your jar with your preferred product, press the plunger and the perfect amount is delivered every time.

  • Customers like the appearance, travel, and quality of the airless pump jars

  • Push down on the top and a perfect amount comes out

  • These airless pump jars are wider, so they can be filled with a scoop, and they look very elegant


Acrylic is virtually unbreakable, chemical resistant, and has good heat resistance. It preserves moisture well in products such as serums, creams, and lotions, and it is commonly used in personal care.

Product Name
airless pump cream jar
customized color available
15g(0.5oz) 30g (1oz) 50g(1.7oz)
Eco-friendly, durable, and recyclable
Delivery time
It is in stock within 2-3 working days and customized around 15-25 days after the package’s design confirmation.
Cream, Lotion, Serum, Sunscreen Skincare
Acrylic cap, PP inner jar
*Leak-Proof Design: The jars’ tightly sealed lid and thick-walled construction stop product leaks. Squeezing-related deformation is avoided, and air entry into the container—which can cause product degradation—is avoided.
*Travel-Friendly Size: cosmopack airless pump jars are made with the ideal size for use while on the road in mind. Among the many cosmetic and skincare items they work well with are moisturizers, shampoos, eye creams, and more.
*They are perfect for anyone who dislikes dipping fingers into jar moisturizers. These jars make it so easy to push to dispense.
*Some clients use this product for body lotion. The body lotion comes in a huge bottle, and you don’t need a lot of product. This dispenser makes it easy to dispense a proper amount, and with the vacuum technology, it keeps coming. They use drunk elephant body lotion in this airless pump jar, which is wonderful!!

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