We Bottle Care for Every Skin Care

Bringing your business to life with significant manufacturing capacities and constant innovation, Cosmopacks maintains a continuous supply of luxury, and cost saving cosmetic packaging to start-up brands and distributors.

Your Ideal Cosmetic Packaging Wholesaler

Favorable MOQ

As low as 3000 pcs

Advanced Automation

Automatic printing and assembly

Trending Style

Annual iteration

Sustainable Packaging

No bubble wrap

Explore Our Packaging Solutions

Cosmetic Bottle

Sophisticated PP airless bottles

Cosmetic Tube

Multiple cap materials and functions

Cosmetic Jar

Highly tailored, yet low MOQ

Makeup Packaging

Over 10 styles to choose from

Recycled Bottle

Carefully selected eco-friendly raw materials

Deep Dive into Our Offers

Having trouble finding capable cosmetic packaging manufacturer to produce a full coverage solutions? Look no further than Cosmopacks.  You will access to the key expand into the global market through our dedicated segmentation.

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Full-stack Solution

Step by step, we assure your packaging solution is in speedy development. Choose Cosmopacks to tailor your product management, whatever the size of your brand.

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Extensive OEM Options

Cosmopacks takes care of your new ideas and requirements, transfering them into mass production. Our custom packaging solutions help you win more in the market.

Sustainability From Start To Finish

Recycled, Refilled, Renewal

Green Material

Alternative green materials such as PP, PLA or PCR.

Ecological Manufacturing

The injection molding waste gas is treated with environmental protection.

Innovative Packaging

Multiple packaging options reduce both labor costs and environmental damage.

Sustainability From Start To Finish

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