Recycled Bottle

Recycled Bottles

Planet-Friendly Cosmetic Packaging by Cosmopacks

Cosmopacks’ recycled bottles is bringing an eco-friendly touch to your lives. Manufactured with Post-Consumer Resins (PCR), we’re doing our bit to lessen the carbon footprint without changing your experience with cosmetic packaging.Get Cosmopacks’ line of recycled bottles and jars and participate in turning lives greener, and cosmetics,more sustainable.

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Airless Bottle

Containing various contents and pumping out smoothly.

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Lotion Bottle

We provide efficient pumping and leakage prevention.

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Roll On Bottle

Safe and do not easily spill while made compact to be storable.

Staying sustainable with PCRs

Consciously recycled and redesigned for an enhanced eco-friendly cosmetic experience. Powering sustainable cosmetic packaging whilst keeping great aesthetics.

Staying sustainable with PCRs
Wide Variety

Explore Cosmopacks’ vast range of recycled bottles and jars. You have the freedom to create custom requests, with your preferred design, shape, size and type of bottle or jar.

Wide Variety
Unmatched Quality

Undergoing rigorous quality check standards, our recycled cosmetic packaging remains unmatched in quality and durability.

Unmatched Quality
Compatibility Testing

Order a free sample to get familiar with Cosmopacks’ sustainable packaging. We insist our clients that they know our products before they invest.

Compatibility Testing
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Mould your brand with ‘eco-love’.

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empowering PCRuse

Were aiming to make the cosmetic industry a sustainable one by maximizing PCR in all of our recycled bottles and jars, at more than 70%. This also gives more reason to make the manufacturing process better and more efficient.

strengthening other brands

Going green is not only great for the ecosystem, but also for your brand’s identity. Sustainable packaging has been proven to enhance a brand’s credibility and image.

innovative cosmetic packaging

Using PCRs creates more room to fulfill specific market needs. Also, recycled bottles and jars are sought after as they are more economical and easily replicable.

Why Choose Cosmopacks’ Recycled Bottles?

Cosmopacks’ Recycled Bottles aim on providing eco-friendly options for our clients while staying cost-effective and modifiable. It is our principle to never let our clients resort to having to compromise. For this reason, we’re enabling you to choose from our vast range of recycled products that address each and every one of your needs. This ‘sustainability’ will not only make us more eco-friendly but through our relationship, we’ll set an example for the cosmetic packaging industry. Showing that innovation is possible by going green, and aesthetics and staying eco-friendly is more than compatible.

Sustainability From Start To Finish

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