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Precisely crafted airless bottles have impact-resistant interior and exterior walls to preserve cosmetic quality. For 8 years, Cosmopacks has been customizing bottles for over 100 brands worldwide.

Airless Cosmetic Bottles

Cosmopacks’ Airless Cosmetic Bottles have revolutionized the idea of packaging. Here you get solutions to your long un-addressed packaging problems. Be it the matter of longer durability of the contents you want for your brand or the appealing shapes that convert viewers into buyers.


Airless cosmetic bottles are transforming the cosmetic packaging industry, adding better protection and longevity of storables. Today, Cosmopacks’ Airless Bottles have given a permanent solution to these problems, Products like lotions, foundations, toners, and serums can be packed with ultra-preservation and long shelf times with zero concerns.

Key features of Airless Cosmetic Bottles:


Our Airless Cosmetic Bottles are unique in their manufacturing technology, desired sizes and shapes, and material,


These bottles are appealing and customizable, they can be customized to the buyers’ specific needs, such as color, shape, size, or volume. Bottles can be colored through spray painting or UV coating.


The focal aspect of Cosmopacks’ airless bottles is preserving the internal composition. Consequently preventing oxidization, deterioration, and growth of bacteria in stored cosmetics.


this attribute makes bottles stronger to be used in every climate without compromising the product quality and condition in long term.


Can also be packed in an “Ice Matte” look, by frosting technology adding a distinct touch to them.


The bottles are made from polypropylene, acrylic, PETG, and PETE. These materials impart high resilience to chemical damage, sufficient strength to last long, and exceptional transparency for internal products.


In addition, these airless bottles are environment-friendly and can be recycled as well

Why choose Cosmopacks for your Airless Cosmetic Bottle needs?

The stored product is well-preserved inside the airless bottles making product-environment contact impossible. This inhibits oxidation, unwanted chemical changes due to sunlight, and microbial degradation. This advantage to keeping the internal product intact increases the shelf life of products and lessens preservative costs. Moreover, with an advanced pumping system, a highly viscous liquid can be dispensed from the pump with 95% of the total mass of filled liquid with minimal wastage.

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It is our intention to provide considerably inclusive cosmetic packaging solutions for you. With exquisite design, personalized printing process and strict quality control, we strive to fulfill your needs and boost your business.

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