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As a trustworthy wholesale supplier of airless pump bottles, Cosmopacks has more than 8 years of experience in the cosmetic packaging industry. We are proud to provide our services to more than 100 cosmetic brands worldwide. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made us a top choice for airless bottles wholesale. With our expertise, we can help you find the perfect packaging solution for your products while ensuring eco-friendliness and functionality.

Features and Benefits of Airless Cosmetic Bottles

Cosmopacks’ airless cosmetic bottles are designed to prevent air exposure and maintain the product’s effectiveness, ensuring a longer shelf life. Those airless bottles also offer precise dispensing, are easy to use, and have a sleek design.

Air Insulation

Airless containers, such as those provided by Cosmopacks, are designed to prevent contact between skincare products and air, which helps to minimize oxidation and maintain the effectiveness of the product. The air insulation also reduces the risk of contamination, ensuring that the product remains safe and hygienic for use.

Double-Layered Walls

Double-layered walls in air pump bottles ensure a sterile environment for the contents inside, while also making the bottle more durable. Additionally, opaque bottle walls can be chosen to avoid UV reactions that can degrade the quality of skincare products. Cosmopacks offers a wide range of air pump bottles with double-layered walls.

Extended Shelf Life

Air pump bottles have the ability to extend the shelf life of skin care products by keeping oxygen and bacteria out. This means that cosmetic brands can offer products with a longer shelf life, without the need for added preservatives. It’s more cost-effective solution for cosmetic brands and it can also lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Minimal Wastage

Air pump bottles are an ideal solution for minimal wastage in cosmetic packaging. The advanced pumping system in these bottles allows for highly viscous liquids to be dispensed, while minimizing waste. This feature not only reduces the amount of product waste but also ensures that customers get the most out of their purchase.

Full Range of
Airless Bottles Cosmetic Packaging

As a leading cosmetic bottle supplier, Cosmopacks is committed to sustainability and uses high-quality plastic cosmetic containers for our products. Our polymer plastic materials not only reduce the overall weight but also provide durable packaging that protects the bottle contents. We believe that by employing sustainable materials in our cosmetic packaging solutions, we can help preserve the environment while delivering superior products to our clients.

Why Choose Cosmopacks
for Cosmetic Airless Pump Bottles


Eco-Friendly Material

Cosmopacks produces eco-friendly airless cosmetic bottles using polypropylene (PP) and acrylic materials, which are recyclable and safe for the environment. These materials also ensure the airless containers are lightweight and shatter-resistant.


Fit Various Applications

Cosmopacks can produce high-quality airless containers for various applications, including creams, lotions, foundations, and serums. Our airless container is designed to match the specific properties of the content, ensuring optimal protection and preservation.


Diverse Design Styles

At Cosmopacks, we offer diverse design styles for our airless cosmetic packaging, ranging from simple and practical to luxurious and fashionable. Our expert designers can create the perfect airless bottle to complement your brand’s unique image and appeal to your target audience.


Advanced Printing Technology

Cosmopacks uses advanced printing technologies, such as silk-screen printing and foil hot stamping, to ensure high-quality printing on our airless cosmetic packaging. The excellent printing effect provides vibrant and long-lasting colors as well as premium touch to your product.



Airless cosmetic packaging is designed with durability in mind. The double-layered walls protect the product from damage and contamination, ensuring that it remains fresh and effective. Additionally, the use of high-quality materials makes airless cosmetic packaging resistant to wear and tear.


Surface Finishing

Cosmopacks offers surface finishing options to customize airless bottles for cosmetic brands, including UV lacquering or metallic in matte or glossy finish. Additionally, our frosting technology can create an “Ice Matte” look, adding a distinct touch to the airless bottles.

Best OEM/ODM Solution
for Airless Pump Bottles Wholesale

High Customization

Cosmopacks offers high customization options for airless bottles, allowing customers to choose from a range of options such as size, shape, capacity, color, printing, material, and type. This flexibility ensures that every airless bottle is tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer and product, making them a perfect choice for cosmetic brands looking for unique and customizable packaging solutions.

Attentive Service

We believe in providing our customers with exceptional service. Our team of experts is committed to providing personalized solutions to meet your unique airless bottles wholesale needs. From design and injection molding to customer service and logistics, we are here to ensure that you receive the best service possible. Whether you need help with customization or have questions about our products, our team is always available to assist you.

Flexible MOQ

Cosmopacks offers flexible MOQ options for airless bottles wholesale, allowing customers to order according to their needs and budget. For start-ups, we understand the importance of flexible and convenient measures, which is why we offer low minimum order quantities for airless bottles wholesale. We also provide guidance on customization options and offer cost-effective solutions to help new businesses get started in the cosmetics industry.

Competitive Price & Lead Time

We offer competitive pricing and efficient lead times for our airless bottles wholesale. By utilizing our streamlined manufacturing processes and advanced technologies, we can produce high-quality airless bottles at a cost-effective price point. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring timely delivery, so you can have confidence in meeting your project timelines.

FAQ About
Eco Friendly Cosmetic Packaging

Minimal Wastage

With the help of an advanced pumping system, a highly viscous liquid that accounts for 95% of the total mass of the filling liquid can be dispensed from the pump while minimizing waste.
Eco-friendly material: Cosmopacks can produce PP and Acrylic airless containers, which are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Fit Various Applications

Cosmopacks can produce airless containers for containing cream, lotion, foundation, and serums, designed to match the specific properties of the content, ensuring optimal protection and preservation.

Diverse Design Styles

Experts can design various styles of airless bottles, including simple style, luxury style, and fashionable style, and so on, to meet customers’ various needs.

Advanced Printing Technology

Cosmopacks can help cosmetic brands to custom UV lacquering or metallic in matte or glossy finish, and the airless bottles can also be packed in an “Ice Matte” look, adding a distinct touch to them.


Airless cosmetic packaging is durable, ensuring the product remains in good condition and preserving its quality for longer.

Surface Finishing

Cosmopacks can help cosmetic brands custom UV lacquering or metallic in matte or glossy finish and can create an “Ice Matte” look using frosting technology, adding a distinct touch to the airless bottles.

High Customization

Cosmopacks offer many options for those who want to customize airless bottles, ranging from size, shape, capacity, color, printing, material to type.

Airless pumps and bottles work by utilizing a vacuum effect to dispense the product. When the pump is depressed, the air pressure inside the bottle decreases, causing the product to be pushed up and out through a small opening in the pump. As the product is dispensed, the vacuum effect keeps the remaining product tightly sealed and protected from exposure to air and other contaminants, which can cause degradation and spoilage. This innovative technology also helps to ensure that every last drop of product is used, minimizing waste and maximizing the value for consumers.

Airless pump bottles can be refillable depending on the design and construction of the bottle. Some bottles may have a removable base or top that allows for easy refilling, while others may require the bottle to be dismantled in order to refill. It’s important to note that the quality and durability of the bottle can affect its ability to be refilled, so choosing a high-quality airless pump bottle can save you money and reduce waste in the long run. When refilling, it’s also important to use a clean and sterile environment to prevent contamination of the product inside the bottle.

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It is our intention to provide considerably inclusive cosmetic packaging solutions for you. With exquisite design, personalized printing process and strict quality control, we strive to fulfill your needs and boost your business.

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