Cosmetic Tube

A wide range of Plastic Cosmetic Tubes

Cosmopacks Plastic Cosmetic Tubes are widely used for packaging toothpaste, sunscreen, Serum, eye gel, lotion, or other cream-based cosmetics. Cosmopacks uses lightweight, odorless, heavy-duty, and non-toxic, recycling material. We’ve made these plastic tubes to be easily usable at home, on travel, or anywhere with various shapes, sizes, and printing.

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Airless Bottle

Containing various contents and pumping out smoothly.

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Lotion Bottle

We provide efficient pumping and leakage prevention.

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Roll On Bottle

Safe and do not easily spill while made compact to be storable.

Flip Top

Flip top closers give protection for holding the content of plastic bottles.

Flip Top
Soft Tube

Cosmopacks tubes are relatively soft as compared to other tubes. Therefore, they can be easily squeezed, carried, and handled.

Soft Tube
Multiple Layers

Cosmopacks offers plastic cosmetic tubes in single, dual, or triple layers.

Multiple Layers

Usually, products are made consumer-centric, but Cosmopacks keeps the environment as its first priority and aims to use environmentally friendly resources in manufacturing its products.

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We Pack in Versatility and Reliability

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A Variety of Applications

Each of our tubes can be used on different cosmetic products such as cream, moisturizers, and formulas.

Wide Selection of Closures

Choose from a rich variety of closures for specific applications such as our airless pump, screw cap, flip cap, and multi-functional top cap.

Leakage Prevention

Through our optimized injection molding process, we can create a tight seal with the caps on our cosmetic tube.


  • International standards are guaranteed.
  • All the products are non-toxic.
  • User-friendly usage.
  • Made with durable material.

Plastic Cosmetic Tubes and caps are made of PE and PP. The utilization of these

materials makes the cosmetic tubes ready for adaptable, everyday usage.

Cosmopacks manufactures numerous cover types: metallic, acrylic, plastic, snap-on

top, flip top cap, screw cap, and screw-on cap.

Cosmopacks focuses on a rigorous quality control regimen to ensure the quality of

these plastic tubes. These tubes also undergo different finishing processes like frost,

simple, gradient, or glossy depending on the requirements.

Sustainability From Start To Finish

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