Lotion Bottles

We Pay Attention to Durable Lotion Bottles

With annual global sales exceeding $600,000 we continually produce bottles from heat-resistant, non-brittle PET and PP materials without using preservatives to increase service life by 15%.

Wide Range Of Lotion Bottle Selection

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How Cosmopacks is meeting every requirement ?

Hand, face, and body lotions are essential for every household. They are also accommodating for a pleasant travel experience, and Cosmopacks is giving its best to deliver this. The quality of plastic we use to manufacture these bottles makes them easy to use, carry and refill. Its versatile function is creating ease for manufacturers to get more prospects, and use these bottles for a variety of functions.

Quality Wholesale Plastic Lotion Bottles

Cosmopacks is putting in a next-level effort to satisfy manufacturers’ demands for high-quality plastic lotion bottles. There are plenty of lotion types to be packed and Cosmopacks has succeeded in making designs that complement the available diversity.

  1. Efficient pump dispenser
  2. Customizable bottle shape, size, and color
  3. Hot-Stamping and branding made easier
  4. Eco-friendly and recyclable

Plastic Lotion Bottles that are made to last

Flexible and Durable Body

The body of plastic bottles is made of PE. The use of these materials increases the flexibility and useability of the tubes.

Wide-Variety of Cap or Dispenser Types

Cosmopacks can devise a variety of caps or dispenser types for its lotion bottles on demand. We support snap-on tops, flip-top, screw caps, and more.

Multiple Finishing Types

These tubes undergo different finish for packaging. Finish can be of the following types: frost, simple, gradient, and glossy depending on the brand’s priority.

Pack For Your Benefit, And With Full Service

It is our intention to provide considerably inclusive cosmetic packaging solutions for you. With exquisite design, personalized printing process and strict quality control, we strive to fulfill your needs and boost your business.

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