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Located in Shangyu City, Zhejiang Province, Cosmopacks specializes in designing and manufacturing all types of packaging materials for high-end cosmetics, beauty, and skincare products. We are known for our distinctness and quality in the packaging and cosmetic world for providing sustainable and aesthetically appealing designs that shore up the prospects of your business manyfold. Our sustainable packaging solutions are becoming trends in themselves and setting the bar for standard cosmetic packaging.


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Having led the cosmetic packaging industry for a long time, Cosmopacks converges all its attention to devising solutions to furnish your product with recognition. For the recognition of your brand or business, we also drive our experience towards shaping your brand identity through great packaging that grabs attention and establishes a strong trust for your brand among your audience.

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Cosmopacks frequently involves itself with proper investments in R&D to enhance the knowledge about manufacturing, which streamlines the packaging production, aligning correctly with scientific and market trends. Our airless bottles and other packaging varieties are the epitomai of continuous involvement in research and development.

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Satisfying Customer Demands

Being your one-stop shop for cosmetic packaging. We strive to provide in-depth or specialized services. Cosmopacks is known for giving its customers the leverage to get their products manufactured to their demands. Ranging from manufacturing to intensive quality control – we never let you lag in the market and promise timely deliveries every time.

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Tailoring intricate designs for your product is what we’re efficient at. Here at Cosmopacks, you receive all that you need for your product to make a wider appeal. From the free consultation to solid supply chain management, everything is at your disposal for you to lead in the cosmetics market.

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