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Meticulous Workflow Empowers Packaging Quality

Raw material Preparation

Good source of raw materials is the most important foundation of packaging quality. After our friendly cooperation with top plastic suppliers around the world, you can trust us for international standard of raw materials quality.

Quality inspectors are checking incoming materials


Quality inspectors are checking incoming materials


Injection Molding

Cosmopacks prides itself on having large-scale injection molding that has the best marks in terms of cleanliness, consistency, and smoothness.

Tooling on the machine


P4 3 S3 4 Injection Molding Process


Surface Treatment

Enhancing the packaging’s surface finish and making them more appealing to your market, we use contemporary processes like vacuum coating and UV coating.

P4 3 S3 5 Spraying treatment


Electroplating treatment


Printing Process

To shorten lead time and expedite delivery, we employ the latest automatic screen printing and hot stamping machines that guarantee detailed and consistent prints.

Hot stamping printing

Hot Stamping

vacuum metallization

Vacuum Coating


For fast and consistent order fulfillment, we utilize an automated assembly workshop, including precision pump head assembly machines that improve the quality of completed products.

Pump head assembly machine working process


Manual boxing



Completed packaging goes through three rounds of quality control before being sent out for shipment. Each production step has a spot check test, while the final inspection includes sizing audits, functional testing, and appearance inspections.

Separation force test

Pressure Resistance

Rotational torque test

Deform Resistance

Vacuum Testing

Leakage Resistance

Sustainability From Start To Finish

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