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Recycled 15ml packaging tube for sunscreen lotion

Tube features a child-resistant capable neck finish and is made with Aluminum Barrier Laminate (ABL). The combination of plastic and outer layer makes this tube flexible, light, easy to squeeze and resistant to piercing. ABL plastic is commonly used in the personal care industry for pharmaceutical, oral care and body care products. Available with a child-resistant capable cap. This product combination has been manufactured to be child-resistant capable and has been tested using the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s protocols for evaluating compliance with the Poison Prevention Act.*

  • PE Barrier Laminate (ABL) Plastic Tube

  • Includes a Child-Resistant Capable Cap

  • This product has been manufactured to be child-resistant capable*


Our tubes range from flexible PE tubes, Laminate ABL tubes, nozzle tip tubes, oval tubes, super oval tubes

◉ Industry tubes to lip gloss tubes, lipstick tubes, PBL tubes, and polyfoil tubes. We can offer plastic tubes with the following:

◉ Layers from mono-layer, double-layer to the five-layer tube;
◉ Shapes from round, oval to flat shape;
◉ Diameters from 12.7mm to 60mm;
◉ Capacities from 5ml to 500ml, custom length of tube body (adjusted within the range of tube capacity);

Printing Tubes

Based on the layout of your artwork and how you want it to appear on your tubes, you may choose between three distinct print techniques. Do not feel you must choose just one printing technique for your design because we can print using all three techniques on a single tube.

1. Offset Print: 6 colors maximum. CMYK/4-Color Process is used. Screens with gradients are acceptable. It feels like the ink is infused into the tubes, taking on your selected finish.
Silkscreen: up to three colors. Even on a matte-finish tube, the artwork is raised when you run your fingers over it and will always be shiny.

Looking For New Models?

Cosmopack insists on developing innovative packaging collections every year, and our designers excel in gathering global trends so that your brand can have extraordinary design highlights.

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