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Customized 5ml plastic massage oil roll-on bottle

Select gold/silver plastic caps paired with glass roll-on containers in a range of color options. For high clarity, select the clear glass roll-on bottles, or choose the clear frosted, blue-frosted, or green-frosted roll-on containers for a semi-transparent, softer appearance. These glass roll-on containers are paired with polypropylene plastic caps, polyethylene plastic housings, and stainless steel roller balls. Consider these roll-on glass bottles when packaging cosmetics, fragrances, essential oil blends, and more. It's very easy to carry out when you will plan to travel or do business, and also, it's the best experience when you want to make the lip and eyes feel comfortable when they are not better.

  • Pair with your choice of cap to customize (caps sold separately)

  • Stainless steel roller balls provide a soothing effect and maximize penetration of ingredients

  • Brushe Glass Bottles with Roller Boll


  • Our Roller Ball Vials are a unique solution for your packaging and special needs.  This stylish and durable plastic vial features a stainless steel roller ball, perfect for eye serum, fragrances, and a variety of liquid-based products.
  • Decoration available

    – Injection color: any normal plastic color

    – Pearl effect color: looks like a pearl
    – Metal effect color: looks like metal
    – Frost look: look frost or foggy
    – Matte finish: look matte surface
    – Soft touch: very soft when you touch it
    – Silkscreen printing, hot stamping, label sticker
    – Flavor fragrance: flavor of fresh flowers or sweet fruits when you smell it (cover the original smell of plastics)
    – and so on…
    Packing method

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