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15ml Acrylic Airless Pump Lotion skincare packaging

This bottle presents an inverted shape, the bottle is diamond-shaped with angular shape, is a new type of bottle packaging. Lotion pump cap included. Lotion pumps dispense just the right amount of product.

  • Base Material: Acrylic + PE+ABS

  • Use: Lotion, Skin Care Serum, Sunscreen Cream, SKIN CARE

  • Safe Packaging: 1.Carton 2.Pallet 3.Customized Package (MOQ 10000pcs)


Our product line includes a wide range of cosmetics, beauty, and health packaging supplies such as aluminum plastic bottle lids &closures, pumps & sprayers, glass cream jars&bottles, droppers, etc. We will create a win-win situation between you and us. Furthermore, perfect customer service is a commitment to our customers.

Product name
 airless pump bottle
Any is ok
Skincare packaging & cosmetic packaging
Surface Handling
Silk printing; hot stamping; label sticker/frosted, etc
Free samples

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